At the dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore', we always pay particular attention to the collection and processing of our milk, the perfect timing for the cheese seasoning and subsequently, the ethical marketing of our genuine products


transformations within time: the processing system has changed from time to time in order to take into account the strict national and international laws and regulations enacted at the consumer protection that guarantee the authenticity and the excellence of our products. The Social dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore is equipped with a risk analysis system and critical control points (HACCP). After having obtained the certification for deploying ethical production standard measures (ISO 9001:2008) our cooperative has embarked on a path that soon will conclude with the ISO 22000:2005 Certification that aims at guaranteeing the quality of our products on an international scale. The milk from our suppliers and all the finished products are subjected to analysis by external and independent laboratories, which certify the quality that would ultimately arrive at your household. The Social dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore is affiliated to the 'Consortium for the safeguard of the Pecorino Romano', an institution that has the duty of monitoring and protecting the production and marketing of the Pecorino Romano cheese that successfully conforms to the DOP brand (Protected Designation of Origin).

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