At the dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore', we always pay particular attention to the collection and processing of our milk, the perfect timing for the cheese seasoning and subsequently, the ethical marketing of our genuine products


The dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore is located in the outskirts of Pozzomaggiore town. The site is located in the same historical one where the company was born in 1924 thanks to the effort of a group of shepherds who started one of the first cooperative in the area. Over time the dairy has undergone through several changes and building extensions. Today's structure comprises a surface of 10000 square meters distributed within a structure of three levels. There are 3 polyvalent machines, each one has the capacity of 15000 litres and serves the purpose of transforming the milk, 1 automated cheese portioning machine for the 'Pecorino Romano' and 4 Double Bottoms set up for the ricotta's preparation. The cooperative has a processing capacity of 4000000 litres of milk per year and produces 7000 quintals of cheese, which is shared between mature and mild cheese. In addition, we have a yearly production of 1300 quintals of ricotta cheese. The dairy is equipped with the installation of salting, seasoning cells and packaging lines. The dairy comprises 15 employees among which there are permanent and seasonal staff that together with the administrative staff, technicians and the quality managers contribute to the production's phases: from the arrival of the milk at the factory up until the final product marketing.
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