At the dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore, we always pay particular attention to the collection and processing of our milk, the perfect timing for the cheese seasoning and subsequently, the ethical marketing of our genuine products


'The dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore' was founded in 1924 and takes its name from the homonymous town located in the centre of Sardinia. The site is vastly immersed in an honourable respected nature and is characterised by the presence of numerous wells originating from a rich and ancient aquifer. One of these wells, it's today used inside our dairy to draw the water necessary for the production of our products and it has become the distinctive symbol of quality for our Pecorino cheese. 'The dairy cooperative of Pozzomaggiore' was founded, almost a hundred years ago by a group of shepherds who since then understood the importance of integrating the freshness of the milk produced by their herd with the wise and ethical dairy farming culture that was handed down from generation to generation. The result is a deliciously tasty product that makes us proud.
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